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Chapter 1: Entering the Asylum

"It's been a a few years since we been on our last date has it?" I replied yes dear it has." This is the beginning of my Nightmare and my Asylum. My names Eclipse Nova, I'm a wolf anthro, my eyes are yellow and my fur is gray. I was a marine when I was 24 but I retired for about three years now. The usual wear of mine is a white sports top with a blue slash going through the shirt, and snow camo pants. I also used to be a mechanic in the marines, so I privatley designed some weapons of my own. Then I opened up a repair shop called "Nova Enterprise". There there's my husband Aaron, he was the house husband. He took care of the bills when I was gone. He's a coyote anthro, his eyes are dark brown and his fur is a mix of brown and tan. He usually wears blue jeans and a black t-shirt. He's also an lawyer and a damn good one. We almost about to return home from our date, to my Asylum.

In our private civilian space transport, we were maybe 10 minutes away from the port to park. "I can't wait to go home and finally sleep." said my husband. "Neither can I this day has been a long one." I replied. "Yeah hey I'll be right back I need to go use the restroom." "Ok" I said. "Just get back here in one piece." These transports have 2 bedrooms 2 dining rooms and 1 bathroom. Right now I'm in the cockpit driving. He got up and walked and closed the restroom door. I could see the port now and was almost there, but I did see people running away in a hurry. I couldn't see what was going on but I saw a big huge explosion that blinded me for a second, I turned the ship to the right and I could feel a small meteorite which cracked the ship in half. I hod on for dear life as the vacuum tries to pull me but at the same time the cockpit falling forward. I saw that the vacuum shutters closed on his half of the ship so he has air to breathe, but me. I don't know how long I could hold my breathe any longer. I looked at the front and saw that I was about to hit the station, which would led me into my enternal darkness.

I woke up and found my self beneath the panel of the ship controls. I touched my back and said "my aching back." I looked around outside and only to see bodies on the floor and blood splattered on the walls.I asked myself "What the hell happen here?" In any emergencies I always had a weapon besides me as I flew. I walked back into the cockpit and opened a locker, I grabbed the weapon and turned it on. I call it the plasma blade. The hilt is gold and the sake guard is black. The power button is red which needs to deeply press to turn on and off. The top half of the blade is also golden but at the end there is a plasma stabilizers which helps control the plasma. I walked out of the ship and found myself in the mall of the space station. The store windows were broken and the bodies still had blood flowing. Then I heard a cry in front of me. I walked forward and it was a teenage anthro polar bear boy. "Who did this?" I asked him. He was trembling and scared and was holding his dead girlfriend's body, he looked up and said "they- those- monsters." I turned my head and asked "What do they look like?" He told me that they have blades growing from their hands, their jaws are missing and their insides showing. I felt bad for this boy, having to see his girlfriend die right in front of him. "Come lets get you somewhere safe." I said as I pulled him up. He said thanks, but then I saw his eyes open up and yelled "Watch out!" He push me aside and I fell to the ground , I looked up and saw that one of those things he was telling me punctured his head. It looked at me and tossed the body away. He charged at me and gave me a menacing scream "Gaaarrrouuu!!!" I got up and chopped off his head but it didn't stop. Then I quickly sliced his right arm off. It finally fell to the ground but just in case I sliced his other arm as well. I was glad there was only one of them but, it still feels I'm being watched. I walked to the elevator and saw what level I was on. I was on the 2nd floor I need to get to the security room which is on the top floor. I press the button for the elevator to come and as it was, I heard another howl from one of those monsters. I looked down the rail and it was walking slowly. I tried to stick to the shadows and hope it doesn't see me. The elevator came and opened. I walked in quietly and got in, but when I turned around it was there. It came at me but I chopped off his arms and kicked him out of the elevator. I press the button to go up and I was trying to take some relaxing deep breathes. "Thanks kid, you saved my life, your girlfriend must be proud... I hope your doing ok Aaron."  
the first chapter of my OS of Dead Space 2... Furry style!
Schwarzweiler Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015
Love it!!! Want to read more!!! Please keep up the story!!!!!!!
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